My Books

A Case of Black Rock and other stories 2011

A Case of Black Rock is a collection of short stories covering many aspects of life. Subjects range from romance to the inspirational, crime to family and drama to science fiction.

Mr Christopher  2010

What could an attractive young widow possibly have in common with a timeless Thought Entity from deep space? Yet they meet, fall in love, then together save the world. This is the story of Holly Daffodil and Mr Christopher and for those who enjoy a love story mingled with fabulous fantasy this is the book for you.

Private Lives  2009

What does a man do when he is living one life with flashbacks to two others spread over three centuries? That is the dilemma facing Banker Charlie Parker. Add the abduction of his youngest daughter by terrorists weeks before the family Trust Company’s Centenary Celebration at Carnegie Hall and this is a man with problems. There has to be a kidnap link though the security forces have failed come up with one. But no matter how Charlie tries to concentrate on the terrorist danger, the flashbacks increase in intensity until he finds himself living past and present almost simultaneously. Determined to discover once and for all if any proof exists that might verify these aberrations, he flies to England to explore the area where the last life took place.

Dark Destiny  2001

Continuous ever in debt food critic Harry Black is offered a huge bribe by mega rich tycoon Josh Cottismore to elope with his daughter to produce some heirs. Action unfolds in London, Las Vegas, the Caribbean and Rangoon as Harry finds himself embroiled in a vast international drug syndicate in which his ruthless and decidedly unstable father in law is an active participant. Still worse his new wife seems incapable of conception and due to circumstances in his earlier life Josh has specifically banned the use of artificial aids in any form. By now aware of the permanent solutions favoured by Josh when faced with failure, Harry has no option but to ignore these conditions and employ the dubious Dr Bargee to rectify the situation. But finds his troubles have only just begun.

Excerpt from Dark Destiny
"Harry had never been a jeep person at the best of times, but as this one lurched, rolled and clawed its way through the jungle quagmire that served for a road, he felt sorely tempted to shoot both Ling Fu and the soldier driver. The motion made him sick enough without having to inhale the greasy clouds of local cannabis that blew back over their shoulders into his face. "How much bloody further!" He bellowed to make himself heard above the snarling roar of the engine. They were already an hour overdue and by now Harry was suffering from cramp and an itching crotch, which he gloomily presumed was the onset of prickly heat. God he hated money! The jeep hit a boulder or dead buffalo and plunged abruptly like a roller coaster fairground ride. The AK smacked into Harry's nose with the force of a swinging croquet mallet and the blood streamed. "Stop," he yelled hysterically, "Stop this bloody heap this very minute or I swear I'll shoot the fucking pair of you!" He punched futile fists at the soldier's helmet"